Tea and Toast, with a whisky bottle and thistle cookie cutter and shape cut into the toast

Toast with a Twist

Toast is one of those simple yet satisfying breakfast staples that we all know and love, but it could look better right?


What you need

    What to do

    Press your cutter into the bread before you toast it, it's much softer and goes through a lot nicer. Don't cut it out all the way though, press firmly and pull the cutter out - you should have a nice imprint in your bread.

    Now stick it in the toaster, this parts up to you! Some people like it light and fluffy, others like it burnt to a crisp. But one thing we can all agree on is that it's about to get a whole lot more interesting.

    Once it pops you have a choice, either leave the cut-out in there or pop it out, both options look great and work well for different ideas.

    Don't stop at toast either, why not try this with sandwiches, french toast, brioche! As always send us a photo of your creations!


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